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aquí is a social innovation collective based in Barcelona

aquí is working with citizens and local organizations to create a more equitable, sustainable and healthy city. We facilitate participatory urban design processes and contribute to weaving networks of solidarity. The participants of our workshops represent diverse voices and perspectives among the community. Our actions aim to turn streets into living places and build public space for all.

We fight for spatial justice and the right to the city through cultivating collective agency: building horizontal power at the grassroots level to challenge structural inequities. Our actions (placemaking, urban acupuncture, art in public space) prototype the long term, systemic change we seek.

Our practice is rooted in the lived experience of the communities we engage. In order to reach the most diverse participants, we collaborate with local collectives that are firmly established in the territory. We particularly focus on engaging underrepresented groups in our co-creation processes.

Our actions take the form of physical interventions or cultural events. Yet, we emphasize the process over the outcome itself: our projects’ impact is always the fruit of an extensive participatory process. In our experience, art has been a powerful tool to create conversations and challenge perspectives, whether through installations in public space, printed matter, or embodied, performative methods.


So far, aquí has partnered with other urban praxis collectives (raumlabor, impulsem), neighborhood associations (SNT4EVER, Col·lectiu Superilla Poblenou, Recuperem la Ciutat), citizen advocacy groups (Placemaking Europe, Xarxa pel Dret a la Cura, Urban Femina), collaborative spaces (Fab Casa del Mig, FabLabBcn), universites (UOC, IAAC, IED, ELISAVA, Bergen Architecture School, Sabanci, Deusto), as well as the European Institute of Innovation and Technology and the city council of Barcelona.


Our work has been featured in, designer's digest, caring workspaces and the DRS2022 conference.