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Lea Karrasch

As an urban practitioner, Lea Karrasch works in spatial production fostering social transformation towards inclusion, diversity and the common good. Based in Barcelona, her background in circular design and urban planning has led her to approach systemic challenges across the fields of urbanism, fair mobility, accessible housing, community engagement and regenerative environments. Through the lens of gender and intersectionality, she is enthusiastic about the power of building agency within communities. As co-founder of aquí , her vision is to foster resilient networks of care that allow collective world-making and the emergence of planetary well-being.

Clément Rames

Clément Rames’ practice combines social innovation, action research and interventions in public space. He splits his time between complex systems research at the Open University of Catalonia and urban praxis with aquí. He seeks to combine his background in data- and network science with insights from community engagement. Clément holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and another in eco-social design, and is continuing education in political ecology and urban studies. He has lived and worked in Belgium, Switzerland, the UK, the US and Spain, and bicycle toured across Europe for 5 months.

Mireia Lozano Carbassé

Mireia Lozano Carbassé studied political science and international relations at Sciences Po Reims and Tufts University. She has a master's degree from the Urban School of Sciences Po Paris in urban policies and a postgraduate degree in mediation from the Universitat Autònoma. She has worked on issues related to access to rights for migrants and displaced persons in urban contexts, in citizen participation, in the analysis of the environmental impact of architectural or urban planning projects and urban resilience. Besides aquí, she currently works with the international organization United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG).

Roger Guilemany

Roger Guilemany is a design researcher. As part of aquí, he experiments, through action-research, with ecosocial transition processes. As an independent researcher, he explores relationships and collaborative processes of situated production. He also collaborates with co-creation, self-construction and self-governance projects. Roger holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial design and a master’s in design for emergent futures.

Frédéric Duhau

Frédéric Duhau is an urban designer and planner approaching the city from a social science perspective. His expertise in bottom-up city-making ranges from citizen science to tactical, collective and participatory urbanism. His field of research focuses on sustainable alternatives for cities using mainly urban ethnographic research with practices in contrasting places where he has lived and worked, which present urban disadvantages such as extreme climatic conditions, slums and areas suffering from systemic segregation; in France, the UK, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Chile.